About Us

CALco truck

Providing quality wooden and plastic pallet solutions since 2006, CALco prides itself on being a customer service oriented pallet manufacturer. Being proactive to our customer's logistical needs, CALco will continue to provide our innovative pallet solutions while rolling with the technological winds of change and evolvement. With over 90% of our customer base comprising of repeat buyers, there's something special about the pallet supplier Richmond, Illinois residents simply call CALco.

Using our automated pallet assembly system, we are quickly able to produce high quality wooden pallets as well as plastic pallets.

Certified ISPM 15 and members of the NWPCA, we are continually educating ourselves on how to more efficiently operate our pallet manufacturing company by listening to the needs of our customers first.

To learn more about us, our facilities and what pallet solutions we can produce for your company call us at (815) Pal-lets.

  • Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
  • National Wooden Pallet and Container Association